Panty Smurf FAQ

Who is Panty Smurf? Panty Smurf is the anti-Smurfette. She was kicked out of Smurf Village for smurfing too much.Panty Smurf spent much time smurfing on MySpace back when MySpace was smurfy. She was a popular blogger who spent much time laughing with her friends and writing satire about everything people on MySpace took way too seriously…like Tila Tequila, being a top blogger and Tom Cruise.

How did Panty Smurf come to be? It’s a long story that includes mistaking the words Party Smurf for Panty Smurf one day on MySpace and an artist friend drawing a picture of of what Panty Smurf would look like. Things just went downhill from there and Panty Smurf was born.

What happened to Panty Smurf after leaving MySpace? She went on a pilgrimage to Baltimore with Hipster Smurf. This was a very dark and traumatizing two years that both smurfs refuse to talk to about.

Why does Panty Smurf hate Smurfette so much? Because Smurfette is a bitch and a tease. It was Smurfette who complained to Papa Smurf about how all the boy smurfs liked Panty Smurf more and all the smurfing that was going on that led to Panty Smurf getting kicked out of Smurf village.

Why did Panty Smurf decide to start blogging again? Her good friend El Gavino convinced her to return to blogging.


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