Save the Dust Bunny

They live quietly among us, but does anyone really know what dust bunnies do when we aren’t watching? Everyone acts surprised when they move the refrigerator or the bed and find a herd of dust bunnies. Just because they have been living there for weeks, or maybe months, proliferating, doesn’t mean that they suddenly need to be relocated, or worse yet, sucked up into the vacuum and sent to an early death.

Granted, it’s annoying when one finds it’s way to a ceiling fan blade and decides to go hand-gliding from it. Face it, dust bunnies are not the best hand-gliders, mostly because 99% of the time they forget the glider. They are light enough to be carried by a gentle breeze, but indoors, with just ceiling fan circulation, dust bunnies do not go far. They usually end up in precarious situations, like in a glass of root beer or sucked into a computer fan where they can do damage. You know what happens when an airplane sucks up a bird? The same thing happens when a computer sucks up a dust bunny. It’s not good for anyone involved.

Dust bunnies don’t require much care, they are quiet, they don’t pee on your bed and they don’t bark when the neighbors come to visit. The worst thing that you have to worry about with any dust bunny herd that is living in your house is that they are a carrier of the dust mite. Cats and dogs have fleas, dust bunnies have dust mites.

The big question has always been, what happens when dust bunnies fall into the wrong crowd and go bad? Yes, dust bunnies can go bad and get out of control, much like a teenager. It usually starts with cat or dog dander abuse. Humans have cocaine, dust bunnies have animal dander. These dust bunnies also turn to a life of crime, stealing small things throughout the house, pennies, pens, magnets and if they are in way over their heads, bottle caps. It is rumored that the Dust Bunny Mafia only deals in bottle caps.

The sad reality is that these bunnies can not be rehabilitated. There is no known treatment to help a dander addicted bunny, and as all dust bunnies know, dander is the gateway to harder things like the various molds that sometimes grow under the fridge.

Another problem that plagues dust bunnies is that their natural habitat is being destroyed at astonishing rates. Vacuums, dusters and brooms are just a few of the items responsible for this tragedy.

The bottom line is this, only you can keep help dust bunnies by providing them with a proper environment and shelter, love and neutering to prevent dust bunny over population. The Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Dust Bunnies estimates that around 100,000,000 dust bunnies are needlessly killed every year and a million more are left to a life of homelessness. Do you want the dust bunny to become the next endangered or extinct species?


The Effects of Microwave Radiation on Body Thetans

Recent studies done at the Church of Scientology have shown that microwaves have negative effects on thetans. In order to understand this study and how it affects the average person it is important for those who are not familiar with Scientolgoy to understand what thetens are.

A thetan is basically a soul. Why do Scientologists choose the word thetan over soul? Its because it sounds more science fictionish. Scientologists love their sci-fi, especially if its written by L. Ron Hubbard who founded their religion. They also have a sci-fi sounding explanation for thetans.

Scientology doctrine states that a human being is a thetan, operating or using a human body. A distinction is made between the individual thetan, his mind and the body he operates. A thetan is said to operate the body via the mind. Thetans are immortal and perpetual, having willed themselves into existence at some point several trillion years ago. After they originated, thetans generated “points to view,” or “dimension points” which caused space to come into existence. They agreed that other thetans’ dimension points existed, thus bringing into existence the entire universe. All matter, energy, space and time exists solely because thetans agree that it exists.

Going further into Scientology doctrine you learn that thetans have grown bored over their existence and have created a game where it was necessary to “not know” certain things in order for the results to be unpredictable and surprising. As thetans knew everything, this required them to abandon or suppress perceptions and knowledge. Over time, the loss of perception accumulated and certain thetans began to cause harm to others. MEST (physical) beings also sought to “trap” thetans in order to control them.

Thetans exist with or without a body. Scientology advertises itself as being able to “rehabilitate” the thetan of a practitioner to a state where the individual can operate with or without a body. These thetans are known as operating thetans.

There are also body thetans. These are the bad thetans. These are the thetans that make people do bad things. These are the thetans from the Xenu incident where space aliens were blown up in volcanoes.

In controlled scientific studies at the Church of Scientology it was learned that thetans do not like microwaves. It is already known that pain killers such as aspirin and Motrin make thetans stupid by depressing the ability to create mental pictures.2 Tests show that microwaves have the opposite effect, causing thetans to overly hallucinate.

Several different studies were done. The first tested the amount of radiation given off by a microwave in use. The test subjects were to microwave macaroni and cheese while the radiation level was measured as well as the thetans reaction to it. This small amount of radiation only caused minor hallucinations. The most common one being the belief that Tom Cruise has talent.

The second experiment that was done consisted of measuring the amount of radiation in the cooked macaroni and cheese and having the test subjects eat it. There was fifty percent more radiation in the macaroni and cheese than what was given off by the microwaves while cooking the food. The hallucinations that were experienced during and after eating the macaroni and cheese were stronger. These hallucinations were recorded and use for the film Battlefield Earth.

The last experiment that was done consisted of microwaving the thetans themselves. What was learned from this experiment was that you can actually kill a thetan. This is something that it wasnt believed that could be done prior to these experiments. Upon actually microwaving thetans they explode leaving behind a residue similar to the slime that was seen in the movie Ghostbusters.

Being able to kill thetans by microwaving them is only good if you want to get rid of body thetans. It is an alternative for those who do not have the money required by Scientology to learn how to do this by conventional means. The concern is the effects of microwave radiation on the operating thetan.

What concerns Scientology followers is the long term effects of continued exposure to microwave radiation from cooking food. It is theorized that this continued exposure to radiation is what causes mental illness in people. It causes the thetans to go crazy resulting in things such as schizophrenia, post-partum depression and manic depression. Current research is being done into vitamin therapy to counter-act these effects.

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